Absentee Property Services




 Program Overview


 In addition to our Vacation Rental Home Program, we provide an optional year round property inspection service for out of town homeowners.


The basic home checking service includes a personal onsite inspection at least two times per month. We inspect the home inside and out, flush water lines, adjust temperature controls, and report on gardener and pool service conditions. We send detailed reports, and an annual summary accounting statement.


v Customized property services can be contracted for each homeowner.



Program Options


1.          Full Vacation Rental Management Program


                Onsite inspections during season including arrival and departure when property is occupied by a Vacation Tenant. Service provided with no additional Fee.


2.          Expanded Vacation Rental Management Program


             This service includes at least two inspections and a service report each month regardless of tenant reservation activity. Inspections and report fee billed monthly. There is no charge for any month during a 30 day Vacation Reservation.


3.          Basic Optional Absentee Property Service Program


             This home checking service includes  two onsite inspections each month. Inspections and report fee billed monthly.  No Vacation Rental Obligation or Management is required.